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GRADE X: Rhetoric materials

Parts of an oration ppt Useful links for orations and rhetorical devices

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GRADE VI and VIII — National Latin Exam links and games (Eighth Grade D block: you have your Quiz tomorrow!!!)

Map of Roman Empire with provinces NLE Past Exams –Practice tests — scroll down to your level Interactive map quiz #1 Online Map Quiz #2 Combo history and geography online quiz Roman History Quiz — Eighth Grade Odds and Ends, more … Continue reading

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GRADE VIII: Chapter 37

Chapter 37 Quiz This is parts one and two. You will first take just the verbs, pages 1 & 2. The interrogatives are on the final page!!! SYNOPSIS — SUM!

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Casus Troiae TEST

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SUBJUNCTIVES in Catullus Catullus IL (49) 49screenshot Catullus Study Guide Poetic Devices

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